Marc Fleurbaey

Director of the Chair on the Economics of Welfare and Social Justice at the CEM FMSH (Paris)

Robert E. Kuenne Professor of Economics and Humanistic Studies at the University of Princeton (USA)

He obtained his PhD at EHESS in 1994, and then was a professor of economics and CNRS researcher in France.

He has published Fairness, Responsibility, and Welfare (Oxford 2008) and A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare (Cambridge 2011, with F. Maniquet), as well as many articles in welfare economics, public economics, and political philosophy in journals such as Econometrica, the Journal of Economic Theory, or the Journal of Political Economy.

In the project, he is in charge of describing the general methodology of fair social choice and equivalent income and of helping other group members extending the methodology to situations involving risk and time.

Marc Fleurbaey’s webpage

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